I Coach Female and Executive Leaders to Use Authentic Storytelling as an Effective Skill for Awakening Adaptive and Inspiring Leadership

    LETS is a For-Profit Social Enterprise Based in Nairobi That Serves Global Change Leaders Through Online and Offline Leadership Development Services Including:


    Workshops - Half Day (3 hours) and Full Day (6 hours)

    Executive & Team Consultations (Hourly)

    Content Partnerships (Leadership, Storytelling, Changemaker Coaching)

    Exclusive One-on-One Coaching (Weekly & Monthly)


    *10% of all paid workshop fees go into the LETS honeypot that finances free workshops for organisations / communities that lack the financial capacity to afford workshops for female and executive leadership development.


    "Become aware of what is in you. Announce it, pronounce it, produce it, and give birth to it."

    ~ Meister Eckhart



    Leadership Storytelling Coach

    Leading through Story (LetS)

    Since November 2015


    At the age of 14-years-old, my English teacher noticed a pattern in my school essays and challenged me to read it aloud in class. After sharing my story, I managed to successfully win over the respect of school bullies and boost my confidence, by sharing my own story of change. I realised that there's more to storytelling than I thought I knew. That was when I first experienced the power of sharing my own story.


    Years later, during Social Innovation studies at the Amani Institute (Storytelling for Leadership) and +Acumen (Storytelling for Change), I finally connected the dots. The careers, causes and interests I had pursued for about 8 years shared a common link - Storytelling.


    At a point in my life when I had made the decision to pursue a career of meaning and impact, I gave myself permission to explore applying Storytelling for Leadership Coaching.


    So I started the LetS, a For-profit Social Enterprise that serves global leaders. Since June 2016 focus of service has been on Female & Executive Leaders to creatively address the global gender gap and emerging future adaptive leadership trends (resp). Talk to me!


    Mission & Vision



    Awakening adaptive and inspiring leadership through authentic storytelling.



    A connected world where stories break boundaries.


    Coaching Model


    The coaching model used at LETS is inspired by honeybee leadership, and this is actually what inspired the LetS logo design.


    At LetS, there is a belief in learning from nature about inspiring and effective leadership that ignites purpose. As a coach, I deeply connected with honeybees after realising how female leadership is influential among the bees and also how the male collaborators significantly add to the success, strategy, continuation of their hive. This is the LetS approach in service of female leaders.


    Also, there was a realisation that honeybees are purpose-led social changemakers in service of the world’s ecosystem. This is why during coaching, I view organisations as hives with a purpose, and why I serve executive leaders who influence both internal and external organisational ecosystems. My desire is for executive leaders to awaken purpose and be equipped with effective adaptive leadership skills, to transcend uncertain future work environments.


    LetS coaching is executed through leadership development workshops, exclusive coaching, team consultations and content partnerships. Contact me here!



    Since November 2015


    700 hours of service

    240 leaders from across the globe

    153 Female Leaders

    33 Executives

    5 Social Enterprises


    The leaders served come from countries like Kenya, Denmark, USA, Italy, Mexico, UK, India, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and France.


    Enjoy published stories from past workshops and coaching sessions, as well as special articles written about LetS. Read here!




    “It felt so good to read my story to my son during his birthday as he turned a year old. After preparing the story, I read it to my friends first and they loved it. I really don’t know what to say… Thank you!” ~ Ledisha, Female Boxer & Proud Single Mother



    “I had a talk to give at the Rotary Club and I was intimidated by the people I was to speak to and how to keep them engaged. Through my story coaching session, I was able to execute my speech flawlessly using the approach of connecting with my audience through the values they associate with. The coaching session has made me more clear-minded and focused. I am more goal-oriented and through drawing-up a life map, I have been able to track myself and the progress I make.” ~ Kitawa, Lupus Foundation of Kenya



    “Thank you for the storytelling exercise. It really opened my eyes to my own journey. Surprising we do not often reflect on our own paths. This coaching session actually exposed me to a whole world of myself that I had not taken time to look back at. By reflecting, using the key structure you recommended, I was able to use my past and present, to possibly create an even brighter future. But, first, appreciating the journey.

    It dawned on me the possibility of writing my own story ahead, and changing the patterns that did not work in the past. It enabled me to also find my story and even know what are the three things I stand for through critical thinking. This coaching, plus the storytelling course you recommended were absolutely amazing. I would recommend it for people who want to self-rediscover as it did for me.

    Truly eye opening. Thanks!” ~ Esther, Media Producer & Journalist



    “My storytelling coaching session made me realise a new exciting way of promoting my business. It made me realise that people will connect more to events and experiences I've gone through as a brand leader. I've incorporated it into pitching my business and it makes a huge difference.”

    ~ Samuel, Financial Entrepreneur



    “Miss Ayuma you are so passionate about your work! That passion is contagious. You not only share information but also your personal experience which makes the sessions all the more exciting. The most interesting aspect of our interaction is your attentiveness to detail. Everything I told you, you would draw from it and use it to make a larger point. This is a great skill. Lastly, there's nothing as refreshing as talking to someone from my generation who values storytelling. I am looking forward to our next session with much anticipation. LetS!!!” ~ Kalo, University Instructor in Women and Gender Studies



    "It was an enlightening session. What I took most from it is the point about how an audience won't listen if they feel the story isn't about them and the point on simplicity being key." ~ Ivan, Spoken Word Artist



    "The thing that stood out for me, was your insight about storytelling being about values. When we did the Venn diagram, the "self" circle caught me a little off guard, because I struggled to pick out 3 of my core values. I'm glad I get to reflect on that now, and discover more about my essence in the process." ~ Laura, Performing Artist & Writer



    "I love and loved the reflective "walk" from story of self via story of us to call for action. To believe and accept that change starts from you but in order to be acted and experienced will involve community/others. You know; it takes a village...thanks!" ~ Hanne, Trainer



    "I love the idea of calling your listening audience your tribe. I will take that on stage with me. The idea of thinking about values, and speaking to people that share those values, makes me feel at home." ~ Raya, Award-Winning Poet



    "About half way through the session I realized I was probably the oldest person there. So wonderful to be amongst energetic, wise people. It is so important to dialogue with a wide-range of people --- to find commonalities but also to be curious about differences. Definitely a great meeting." ~ Anita, Trainer



    "It was a very informative forum! I have applied what I learned! Thank you. I learned that I am the only one who can pen my story. [The workshop] gave me the courage to write more. And also facilitate others to write their stories." ~ Soni, Workshop Participant




    “What really stood out for me was the Life CV. I got to know that I don’t need someone to tell me where I am, where I want to be or where I was. I can do all that by myself now which is great.” ~ Angela, Story Circle Participant



    “Ayuma’s [coaching] was engaging, penetrative, and most importantly made a lasting difference for our leadership team. Within the short amount of time we had… she was able to give us the apparatus to use when dealing with cohesive settings and adjudications. I am already adopting some of her language and tools that help to identify ways of thinking that either support or impede change adoption. I must confess, it is working miracles for my intra-persona. It might have lasted 3 hours, but it gave me a new accomplished meaning. ” ~ Joel, Story Circle Participant



    “Storytelling enables one to discover one’s own strengths that one was not aware of; like I was able to find solutions in the challenges I face.” ~ Nyambura, Story Circle Participant



    “What I really learned from the session was the importance of my life experience thus far in relation to where I would like to go; that I can borrow lessons and draw inspiration from previous events when dealing with the present. Also, the importance of reflecting and introspecting so as to understand my life story better and use it in a way that positively impacts others.” ~ Jane, Story Circle Participant



    “It was a wonderful session. An eye opener especially learning to use a Story Map. It was such a relief to share a story I haven’t shared before. It gave me courage to share more and more. Thanks Ayuma.” ~ Muthoni, Story Circle Participant



    “Through the session, we had specifically [worked on] Live CV. I was able to know my strength, believe in myself and know that I can make it through in life. ” ~ Judy, Story Circle Participant




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